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    Although the internal combustion engine is a clever component, it can be pretty dangerous too. Engines produce poisonous fumes such as carbon monoxide, and these hazardous gases can be toxic to us and the environment.

    The car exhaust system is in place to reduce these toxic fumes from the car but if the exhaust system fails or isn’t operating correctly, these fumes can be pumped back into the car not away form the vehicle. A damaged exhaust system may put you and your passengers at health risk and will fail its NCT Test. Replacing exhaust parts is a very straight forward procedure, and at All Good Motors in Dublin, we offer a wide range of exhausts from premium to budget to fit every pocket. Catalytic Converters also supplied and fitted.

    Come in to the garage and we will be happy to share our 10 years of experience with you. We stock a large range of parts and brands, such as Bosal, Klaus, Walker, Euroflow – and any not in stock can often be delivered within an hour, so these repairs can be made within the same day. Don’t delay if you feel your exhaust isn’t quite right and we’ll make sure it’s fixed or replaced without causing further damage or become a health risk to you or your family.