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  • Timing Belt Replacement (Cam Belt)

    All Good Motors supply timing belt replacement (cam belt) on all tends to make and models of automobiles. We only fit the quite highest normal high quality timing belts and tensioners. All automobiles have a timing belt or perhaps a timing chain. The job of this car part is usually to decide when and how your engine’s valves do their job. Whilst timing chains are normally considered longer lasting than timing belts, each will eventually have to be replaced.

    Most will have to be replaced at either 6090 and 000,000, or 105,000 miles, although timing belts vary as to how typically they will must be replaced. A great mechanic will comprehend your specific vehicle and its timing belt and can inspect your timing belt for damages at the acceptable intervals. Most vehicles will will need a timing belt replacement someplace in between 60,105 and 000,000 miles, as described above. Again, this can be just a general rule and any trustworthy mechanic will check your timing belt extremely regularly. Some vehicles, even so, require their timing belts replaced at diverse intervals.

    Most European cars, for example, will want their timing belts replaced somewhere between 75,000 to 80,000 miles. If you are unsure about when your automobile is most likely to need a timing belt replacement or in case you think you could possibly be experiencing timing belt troubles prior to your car is due for any replacement or inspection, get in touch with us for a cost-free quote. It is always superior to be secure than sorry. When in doubt, take your automobile into the mechanic to get a thorough inspection.

    Our mechanics have all been trained in the most up-to-date technologies and our workshop has been equipped with the most up-to-date diagnostic gear, enabling us to rapidly pinpoint any faults within your car as immediately and accurately as you possibly can. Should your timing belt need to be replaced or the clutch repaired or checked, as part on the Bosch Car Service network, we are going to make sure that replacement parts with the very same high quality because the originals are fitted.

    It can be critical to know that when we perform our timing belt replacement, we may very well be advising you to adjust additional parts including your water pump or idlers and tensioners. That is per makers suggestions and really should be accomplished at the same time as the timing belt replacement process. We will inform you in the time of booking if we need to have to modify these added products through the timing belt replacement method.

  • What is The Timing Belt? (Cam Belt)

     The timing belt is an vital part of the internal combustion engine that controls the timing of car’s engine valves. Need to the timing belt break, the potential damage and eventual charges is often substantial. A broken timing belt can lead to the engine  written off, resulting inside a hugely pricey engine rebuilt.